If you are a Realtor or a home buyer thinking of buying in the Charter Oaks subdivision – welcome to our community website.  Although the majority of our website content is written for residents, this page will provide basic information and resources if you need additional details.

Charter Oaks is a covenant controlled community.  Prospective buyers can view the covenants and bylaws for the Charter Oaks community here.

Charter Oaks is unincorporated. While our mailing address is Castle Rock, and many people mistakenly believe that we are in the City of Castle Pines, we are not situated within the political boundaries of a city. We don’t have a police department; we get law enforcement services from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. We don’t have a water department, our water comes from a community well. We don’t have curbs or gutters edging our streets. Instead of sewer, we have septic tanks. These and many other attributes of living in an incorporated neighborhood affect the lifestyle most of us enjoy.

If you would like further information, please complete this contact form and a member of the Charter Oaks board will get back to you as quickly as possible.